Welcome to GRI-SUN!
GRI-SUN Ltd provides comprehensive services in sun protection, safety, privacy, decoration and, generally, in the insulation of windows.
It offers a wide variety of products with over 150 types of films and roller blinds, which means that you can find the exact product that suits your needs.
Having gained extensive experience in this field and by making a priority the quality of our services and customer satisfaction, we guarantee the excellent quality of the certified products we trade, immediate availability and flawless installation.

Window Films
Window films are composed of polyester and mounting adhesive layers. They provide specific personal and property protection from the effects of the sun, added safety and security in the events that result in broken glass, and privacy. When applied to windows they essentially act as insulation for the room. This property makes window film as one of the greenest building materials of today. Therefore, the use of window films leads to less energy consumption and significant savings. With escalating energy costs, products such as window film are increasingly valuable as an investment for commercial and residential owners and commercial facility managers.

Roller Blinds
The polyester roller blinds provide solutions to almost all problems that coexist with the glass, offering solar control, privacy and decoration. Their advantage over window films is that they are flexibile to use, since they are not glued to the glass and can be adjusted to any level desired by the user at any time.